A new science leader for ORCHESTRA

Emily Shuckburgh

Sadly, we have said goodbye to ORCHESTRA’s lead scientist, Emily Shuckburgh. Emily has taken on a new role at the University of Cambridge. Emily said: “It has been a pleasure to lead ORCHESTRA over the last couple of years and to see the programme develop and the results start to roll in. I would like to thank all involved for their help and support and I wish Andrew and the rest of the ORCHESTRA team every success going forward. Although I am moving to a new role at Cambridge, I am very keen to continue to develop collaborations both with ORCHESTRA and RoSES”.

Taking over the reins from Emily, as of 1 April, is Andrew Meijers, who has been working on ORCHESTRA as Work Package 2 Leader since the project started.

Andrew Meijers

Andrew said “I’m very excited to be stepping up as the new leader of ORCHESTRA.  I have both Emily and Mike to thank for their terrific efforts up to this point; both in getting ORCHESTRA off the ground and developing it into a mature and effective multi-centre collaboration.  This is the point when the results of our several field seasons and extensive model development are just coming together, and the imminent scientific results promise to be very exciting.  I look forward to working with everyone over the next few years, as well as looking to the future for UK research in the Southern Ocean”.

We wish Emily the best of luck in her new venture and look forward to working with Andrew and continuing the great work on ORCHESTRA.

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