Annual Meeting 2019

Weds 3rd July Speaker Project
Keynote: Reconstructing 150 years of ocean warming Laure Zanne
Annual see-saw in heat uptake by mode water in the south Pacific driven by atmospheric modes Andrew Meijers ORCHESTRA
What causes regional ocean temperature change: results from TICTOC Elaine McDongh ORCHESTRA
Evolution of the Southern Ocean thermocline during the 2017-2018 field season, as observed by ocean gliders Alex Brearley ORCHESTRA
Surface drivers of SAMW formatio: new results from the Southern Ocean Flux Station and Ocean Observatories Simon Josey ORCHESTRA
An overview of Earth observation data in Antartica Anna Hogg ORCHESTRA
Keynote: The fate of carbon and nutrients exported out of the Southern Ocean Judith Hauck
CUSTARD: the first fieldwork Adrian Martin CUSTARD
Update on modelling the Southern Ocean CO2 flux Corinne Le Quere SONATA
Uncertainties on the global ocean sink for atmospheric CO2 from SOCAT Ute Schuster SONATA
Accumulation of carbon in the South Atlantic Peter Brown ORCHESTRA
The role of Iron in the Biological Pump in the Southern Ocean Simon Ussher CUSTARD, PICCOLO
UKESM1: Science content and first results from application in the 6th Couple Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP6) Colin Jones ORCHESTRA
SOCCOM Lynne Talley
TICTOC and TRI-ATLAS Elaine McDonagh
SMILES John Taylor
SO-CHIC Andrew Meijers
Integration with international efforts – discussion Karen Heywood
Thurs 4 July Speaker Project
Keynote: The influence of submesoscales on mixed layer turbulence and the export of dense material John Taylor
CryoSat-2 (and other altimeters) for enhanced ocean observation in the Southern Ocean Michel Tsamados ORCHESTRA
Air-sea CO2 and heat fluxes – what have we learned from high frequency direct observations? Mingxi Yang PICCOLO
Managing ORCHESTRA data Joana Beja ORCHESTRA
Understanding CMIP5 Southern Ocean biases Pat Hyder ORCHESTRA
Update on measurements from Orkney Passage and A23 Povl Abrahamsen ORCHESTRA
Ocean transports into and out of the South Atlantic Yvonne Firing ORCHESTRA
Oxygen isotope constraints on the global ocean circulation and the hydrological cycle Alexander Haumann ORCHESTRA
Adjoint/Perturbation focus group summary/feedback Dan Jones
Measurements of CO2 concentrations and fluxes Tom Bell and Andy Watson
CMIP6 model session – input to IPCC AR6/ARCHER model storage, integration with HadGEM3+UKESM Andrew Meijers
Heat + carbon focus group Corinne le Quéré
High-res modelling (including archiving) Dave Munday
Hydro cruises Yvonne Firing
Air/sea glider data Alex Brearley
Heat + carbon focus group summary/feedback Corinne le Quéré
Future beyond ORCHESTRA and RoSES, long term legacy, future efforts Andrew Meijers
Poster number & author Title Theme 1 = Heat 2 = Carbon 3 = Exchange Processes
1. Dorothee Bakker CUSTARD WP1 – Quantification of seasonal changes in inorganic carbon, macronutrients and oxygen. 2
2. Mark Moore CUSTARD WP2 – Phytoplankton ecology and physiology as links between iron, silicon and carbon. 2
3. Stephen Henson CUSTARD WP3 – Particle Fluxes 2
4. Adrian Martin CUSTARD WP4 – Synthesis and modelling. 2
5. Alice Marzocchi Using simulated transient tracers to determine ventilation pathways and timescales. 1
6. Aimee Coggins BGC float validation experiment 2
7. Ciara Pimm Southern Ocean ventilation and its relation to dynamic tracers. 3
8. Bob Brewin Optical properties of waters surrounding a low latitude iceber observations on th Atlantic Meridional Transect. 2
9. Charel Wohl Measurement of Volatile Organic cabron on the Andrex II cruise. 2
10. Daffydd Stephenson Density-compensated cross-frontal intrusions in southern Drak Passage. 3
11. Anna Jones Not displayed.
12. Hugh Venables Heat and light in the mixed layer from Argo floats. 1
13. Jennifer Watts Remote sensing for understanding carbon-uptake in polar marginal sea ice. 3
14. Jo Beja Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS).
15. Neill Mackay A new estimate of the Southern Ocean Carbon sink in winter. 2
16. Pablo Trucco Pignata Estimation of pCO2 based on historical data from the Southern Ocean OOI mooring. 2
17. Rebecca Wright Role of jellyfish in carbon export. 3
18. Sarah Chapman Data management
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