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Blog: Investigating the Southern Ocean

Investigating the Southern Ocean: Part 1 – Carol Arrowsmith Carol organising her equipment at BAS prior to departure In a few days I will be embarking on my leg of the major NERC project called ORCHESTRA (Ocean Regulation of Climate through Heat and Carbon…

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Southern Ocean sessions at the 2019 EGU GA – abstracts 10/01/19

There will be two sessions on the Southern Ocean at next year’s EGU General Assembly (7-12 April 2019). The submission deadline for abstracts is 10 January 2019, 13:00 CET. OS1.5/BG3.3/CL2.04 “The Southern Ocean in a changing climate: open-ocean physical and biogeochemical processes”…

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Blog: Last leg of ORCHESTRA cruise (Pt 5)

Last leg of ORCHESTRA cruise (Pt 5)… by Melanie Leng Professor Melanie Leng is currently part taking in an expedition to the Southern Ocean as part of  ORCHESTRA (Ocean Regulation of Climate by Heat and Carbon Sequestration and Transports), a…

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Blog: Crossing the Drake passage in a container

Crossing the Drake passage in a container by Felix Leung It’s almost the end of the voyage on RRS James Clark Ross at the Drake Passage expedition, it’s about time for me to summarise what I have done and experienced…

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Blog: Packing, Perils and Positives – how to survive your first (Drake Passage) cruise

Packing, Perils and Positives – how to survive your first (Drake Passage) cruise by Frankie Carr Frankie Carr is currently taking part in the JR18002 research cruise in the Southern Ocean in conjunction with the ORCHESTRA project as part of…

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