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Blog: Science in the Sky – Pt 1: Packing

Science in the Sky: Ella Gilbert 14 November 2017 Last week I got emailed a very exciting travel itinerary, and realised that I’m going to Antarctica next week. It shouldn’t be a surprise, having been planned for months, but it’s…

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Blog: Science in the Sea – Pt 2: Busy Biologists

Science in the Sea: Ryan Scott 12 December 2017 – RRS James Clark Ross First thing I learn as I begin my trip aboard the RRS James Clark Ross is that, scientist on research cruises need to be able to…

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Blog: Drake Passage Cruise

Drake Passage – Yvonne Firing 24 November 2016 – RRS James Clark Ross Follow ORCHESTRA project scientist Yvonne Firing’s amazing fieldwork blog from the Southern Ocean here. On the 2016/2017 Drake Passage cruise on the RRS James Clark Ross, we sail…

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Blog: Investigating the Southern Ocean

Investigating the Southern Ocean: Dan Jones 10 April 2016 RRS – James Clark Ross Oceanographers Dan Jones and Erik MacKie are onboard the RRS James Clark Rosscarrying out a hydrographic survey in the Southern Ocean as part of a long-term study to understand the impact…

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