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For scientists/stakeholders:

If you are a scientist who is working on ORCHESTRA, or are interested in accessing the data from ORCHESTRA, you can use the links below for the various datasets. BODC managed observational data and data arising from physical samples will be downloadable through the BODC’s searchable interface.

Where can I find ORCHESTRA data?
Where can I find Argo float data?

Argo data from SOARC – the Southern Ocean Argo Regional Centre

JCOMMOPS (metadata) (data)

Where can I find glider data?

Data are held at BODC – please contact Robyn Owen, the ORCHESTRA data manager for access

Where can I find seal tag data?

BODC will co-operate with MEOP with respect to Delayed Mode data. Near Real Time data are automatically submitted to BODC through a partnership between SMRU and BODC.

Where can I find atmospheric data?

The Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA) is the NERC designated data centre and, more specifically, for the data sets originating from the MASIN aircraft flights.

Where can I find freshwater data?

The Polar Data Centre hold the oxygen and salinity data from freshwater samples, these can be accessed through the Discovery Metadata System pages.

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