Season 2016/17

The following are the cruise reports, which are held on the BODC website, which include summaries of the data collected for the 2016/17 season.

SR1b section: RRS James Clark Ross, JR16002, 2016-11-10 — 2016-12-03.

JR16002 was a combined logistic and science cruise. The ship began by opening the base at Signy in the South Orkneys, returned north across Drake Passage and conducted two science projects (SMEs 980 and 993) there, steamed toward Vernadsky Station and Rothera Research Station on the Antarctic Peninsula, but was unable to reach either base due to ice conditions, and returned to Port Stanley via a detour in Drake Passage to recover a malfunctioning float. The Drake Passage SME 980 work comprised 30 CTD stations with water samples analysed for salinity and dissolved oxygen and stored for oxygen isotope analysis ashore, as well as deployment of three Deep Apex profiling floats (measuring conductivity, temperature, pressure, and oxygen, as well as time-averaged currents) in southern Drake Passage. One of the floats subsequently leaked and was successfully recovered. For SME 993, three bottom pressure landers were recovered, while two failed to release and were not recovered. Throughout the cruise as ice and weather conditions permitted we made continuous underway measurements of meteorological variables, surface temperature and salinity, upper ocean currents, and bathymetry, along with intermittent sampling of surface water for salinity calibration. The cruise itinerary also allowed for servicing of the tide gauges at Stanley and Signy.

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A23 Section: 2017, JR16004: RRS James Clark Ross, 2017-01-24 — 2017-03-13

Orkney Passage: JR16005, RRS James Clark Ross, 2017-03-17 — 2017-05-08

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