Submit data

How do I submit data for ORCHESTRA?

Data can be submitted directly to the project data manager, Robyn Owen, via email, or copied onto a CD, DVD or Zip disk and sent by post to: Robyn Owen, British Oceanographic Data Centre, Joseph Proudman Building, 6 Brownlow Street, Liverpool, UK, L3 5DA.

General information on submitting data to the BODC can be found on the BODC website.

Requirements for file formats are available on the general guide and a metadata template for BODC submissions is available.

Once data have been submitted to BODC, they will archive a copy, assign data access conditions and assemble the data set into a relational database, so that spatial and temporal links to all data within the programme and within BODC can be maintained. BODC will then take responsibility for distributing the data to programme members and the wider community.

All data can be submitted to BODC, and it will be passed to the PDC and vice versa if necessary.

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