Annual Meeting 2018

ORCHESTRA and RoSES Annual Science Meeting 2018 NOC Southampton

Presentations from ASM18:

  Speaker Project
Tues 4 July
PAG intro ORCHESTRA and RoSES 2018 Mark Brandon PAG
Theme 1 – Lower Limb Chairs: Adrian Martin & Yvonne Firing Keynote
Reframing the polar Southern Ocean carbon cycle Alberto Garabato Keynote, PAG
Height Resolution Sea Ice-Ocean Modelling and Analysis Yevgeny Aksenov ORCHESTRA
What controls heat content of newly subducted mode water? Dan Jones ORCHESTRA
Observed Changes in Transient Tracers along the 24S Repeat Survey Genevieve Hinde ORCHESTRA
PICCOLO plans Karen Heywood PICCOLO
Overview and results from the ORCHESTRA 24S cruise March/April 2018 – JC159 Brian King ORCHESTRA
Changes in the export of Weddell Sea Deep Water – an update on the A23 section and Orkney Passage moorings Povl Abrahamsen ORCHESTRA
Discussion session: opportunities for ORCHESTRA and RoSES collaborations on lower limb research
Poster 1 minute summary presentations
Theme 2 – Upper Limb Chairs: Andrew Meijers & Dorothee Bakker
The impact of storms in the Southern Ocean:  Storm-driven mixing and storm-generated waves Sarah Gille (via webex) Keynote
ORCHESTRA control run & changes in wind variability Dave Munday ORCHESTRA
Trends in Southern Ocean heat content Andrew Meijers ORCHESTRA
CUSTARD update Adrian Martin CUSTARD
Salinity trends in Drake Passage Yvonne Firing ORCHESTRA
Discussion session: opportunities for ORCHESTRA and RoSES collaborations on upper limb research
Project overviews Mark Brandon
ORCHESTRA overview Emily Shuckburgh ORCHESTRA
TICTOC Elaine McDonagh
SOCCOM Lynne Talley PAG
ORCHESTRA Data Management (BODC) Sarah Chapman ORCHESTRA
Weds 4 July
Theme 3 – Air/sea interactions Corinne Le Quéré & Emily Shuckburgh
Quantifying Southern Ocean carbon uptake from in situ observations Peter Landschützer CUSTARD
Update on the evolution of the Southern Ocean CO2 sink viewed from models Corinne Le Quéré SONATA
CryoSat-2 (and other altimeters) for enhanced ocean observations in the Southern Ocean Michel Tsamados ORCHESTRA
What sets the heat content of the Southern Ocean mixed layer? Emma Boland ORCHESTRA
An objective approach towards determining necessary oceanographic model resolution to capture SST variability in the Southern Ocean Tim Smyth ORCHESTRA
First results of the SONATA/COMICS experiment to compare ORCHESTRA/SOCCOM carbon obs. with ship-borne data Aimee Coggins SONATA
Southern Ocean Air-sea Interaction : Some New Results Simon Josey ORCHESTRA
Southern Ocean sourced separation of global surface and bottom waters inferred from oxygen isotope data Mike Meredith ORCHESTRA
The current state of the hybrid coordinate sector model George Nurser ORCHESTRA
Aircraft and glider observations during the Orchestra 2017/2018 field season Alex Weiss ORCHESTRA
Discussion session: opportunities for ORCHESTRA and RoSES collaborations on air/sea interactions
SONATA WP Leader Meeting
Parallel Discussion Sessions (see below for questions/points for discussion) Lead by
Carbon Fluxes in Winter Peter Landschützer
Modelling – interpretation Dave Munday
Data Management – maximising the use of observational data/succession and security Anna Jones
Plenary Discussion Sessions (see below for questions/points for discussion) Lead by
Implications of findings on heat transport (ORCHESTRA) for ocean carbon uptake (RoSES) Emily Shuckburgh
Using model data output – integration between data and models (both directions) Andrew Meijers
Dissemination and Impact – focus group feed back Emily Shuckburgh
PAG feedback Mark Brandon
Summary/actions, AOB and ASM2019 Elaina Ford



No. Lead author Title Theme
1 Adrian Martin CUSTARD WP3 – particle fluxes 2
2 Adrian Martin CUSTARD WP4 – synthesis and modelling 2
3 Angus Atkinson PICCOLO WP3: Biological mechanisms regulating POC export towards Antarctic Bottom  1
4 Anna Jones Long-term high temporal resolution CO2 observations in the Southern Ocean region_ 3
5 Bastien Queste Technological developments for autonomous platforms in marginal ice zones as part of the COMPASS project
6 Bob Brewin Satellite products for the Southern Ocean from the Ocean Colour Climate Change Initiative 1
7 Carol Robinson PICCOLO WP2: Biological processes affecting carbon in surface waters in the lower limb 1
8 Dorothee Bakker Year-round long term upper ocean carbon dynamics for the West Antarctic Peninsula 3
9 Dorothee Bakker CUSTARD WP1 – Quantification of seasonal changes in organic carbon, macronutrients and oxygen 2
10 Elaina Ford RoSES: Role of the Southern Ocean in the Earth System
11 Elaina Ford The Southern Ocean in global climate:  The ORCHESTRA programme
12 Giorgio Dall’Olmo Biogechemical-Argo activities planned for PICCOLO
13 Joanna Lester Recent variability and change in ocean ventilation: insights from the CESM Large Ensemble
14 Karen Heywood PICCOLO WP4: Physical processes affecting carbon sequestration and lower limb deep water formation
15 Katrin Schmidt The dual effect of Antarctic krill on phytoplankton blooms – grazing and nutrient supply. 1
16 Mark Moore CUSTARD WP2 – phytoplankton ecology and physiology as links between iron, silicon and carbon 2
17 Michael Fedak Using animals as ocean observation platforms: background information 2
18 Mingxi Yang Direct long-term measurements of air-sea momentum and heat transfer on the RSS James Clark Ross – a first look 3
19 Neil Mackay Estimating Advective and Diffusive Fluxes of Heat and Freshwater in the Arctic using a Novel Inverse Method in Thermohaline Coordinates
20 Oana Dragomir Trends in ACC front locations and properties 2
21 Sevrine Sailley PICCOLO WP5: Synthesis of processes influencing carbon uptake and deep water sequestration in the lower limb 1
22 Tom Bell PICCOLO WP1: Abiotic processes affecting carbon in surface waters in the lower limb 1
23 Will Homoky Quantifying iron inputs and recycling for primary carbon-fixation in the Lower Limb of Antarctic overturning 1
24 Yanxin Wang Seasonality of Antarctic water masses in HiGEM 1
25 Zhaohui Chen Estimates of Southern ocean carbon fluxes using atmospheric inverse




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